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Changing to mini-bulk can make a big difference in your workflow efficiency. With our custom mini-bulk storage and delivery system, we take care of everything from truck to tank.

We design to any size water or wastewater facility and provide full installation of tanks, pumps and piping. We are also proactive in providing ongoing system maintenance and product replenishment.

The mini-bulk advantage over traditional drum and storage solutions:

  • Improved Safety
    An ADC employee transfers the chemical from the delivery truck into the storage tank, minimizing your employees' accidental exposure.

  • Increased Productivity
    No more having to siphon operational resources or give up square footage for drums. Mini-bulk is a streamlined solution requiring less space and little monitoring on your side.

  • Enhanced Product Efficiency
    With no drum deposits or heel loss, you use every bit of what you buy. Our chemical usage tracking system will alert us when you need to be topped off.